Voskevaz Dessert Wine Katarine 2013 (375 ml)
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Voskevaz Dessert Wine Katarine 2013 (375 ml)

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Only made in 2013, the dessert wine Katerine is made from late harvested Khaket grapes. This special wine is made by stopping the fermentation of these super ripe grapes while there is still a high sugar level (16%) then stabilizing the wine with alcohol made from distilled khaket wine. The wine is then barrel aged to increase complexity.

A deep red color, sweet but not cloying, the Katarine is similar to a vintage port or a Vin Santo wine from Italy. Nuts, figs, raisins and toffee flavors make this a perfect compliment to a chocolate dessert, or simply enjoy it as dessert!

Note- this wine is only available in 375ml (half bottle) size.

Our library wines are only available through special order. Contact us at info@armwines.com for more information.

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