Love Pinot Noir? We Prescribe Areni!

Pinot Noir is popular for its ease of drinking - the typical Pinot Noir is lighter, less tannic and more flexible with food than Cabernet or Syrah. And it doesn't hurt that good Pinot Noirs have wonderful aromatics, clean flavors of cranberry, raspberry and cherry, gentle suggestions of herbs, and finish with silky smooth tannins.

The only downside is that good Pinots are expensive - and that's why you should try Areni wines. Areni is Armenia's best known red wine grape. Like Pinot Noir, Areni is a hard to grow grape that makes lighter red wine with a complex nose and bright fruit flavors. In our opinion Areni is most similar to Pinot Noirs from Oregon. Typically they don't have the woodsy, earthy notes of Burgundy, nor the big ripe fruits of California Pinot Noir, just the pure fruit and complex herbal/floral elements found in the best Oregon Pinots.

Check out the Areni wines below at let us know what you think: