The Voskevaz winery was opened in 1932. It made sweet and fruit wines under the directives of the Soviet planned economy. After Independence the winery slowly fell into disrepair until the Hovhannisyan family purchased it in 2004. They began to slowly transform the facility into a modern winery and tourist destination. They upgraded the winemaking staff and introduced dry table wines. The turning point was the creation of the Karasi Collection which was launched with the 2014 vintage. The success and acclaim these special wines have won has elevated Voskevaz's vintage wines to the point where they now have one of the broadest and most successful portfolios of Armenian wines.

Voskevaz does not own any vineyards, but has contracts with growers giving them access to some of Armenia's best and oldest vineyards. With the sublime Dessert wines Katarine and Rosali, the aromatic Urzana and the award winning Karasi Collection, Voskevaz has great wines for every palate.